144V 62F supercapacitor module

Short Description:

Based on the top electrical performance such as voltage and internal resistance of GMCC supercapacitor monomers in the industry, GMCC supercapacitor modules integrate a large amount of energy into a small package through soldering or laser welding. The module design is compact and ingenious, allowing for higher voltage energy storage through series or parallel connections

Users can choose passive or active equalization, alarm protection output, data communication and other functions according to their needs to ensure the performance and lifespan of batteries under different application conditions

GMCC supercapacitor modules are widely used in fields such as passenger cars, wind turbine pitch control, backup power supply, power grid energy storage frequency regulation, military special equipment, etc., with industry-leading technological advantages such as power density and efficiency

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Product Description

Application area Functional characteristics Main parameter
·Power grid stability
·New energy storage
·Rail transit
·Port crane
·Dewiring design
·19 inch standard rack size
·Super capacitor management system
·Low cost, lightweight
·Voltage:144 V
·Capacity:62 F
·ESR:≤16 mΩ
·Storage energy:180 Wh

144V DC output
62F Capacitance
High cycle life of 1 million cycles
Passive balance management

Very high power density
Laser-weldable posts

Electrical Specifications

TYPE M22W-144-0062
Rated Voltage VR 144 V
Surge Voltage VS1 148.8 V
Rated Capacitance C 2 62.5 F
Capacitance Tolerance 3 -0% / +20 %
ESR2 ≤16 mΩ
Leakage Current IL 4 <12 mA
Self-discharge Rate 5 <20 %
Cell specification 3V 3000F(ESR≤0.28 mΩ)
E 9 Maximum storage capacity of a single cell 3.75Wh
Module configuration 148
Constant Current IMCC(ΔT = 15°C)6 89A
Max Current IMax 7 2.25 kA
Short Current IS 8 9.0 kA
Stored Energy E 9 180 Wh
Energy Density Ed 10 5.1 Wh/kg
Usable Power Density Pd 11 4.4 kW/kg
Matched Impedance Power PdMax 12 9.3 kW/kg
Insulation withstand voltage class 3500V DC/min

Thermal Characteristics

Type M22W-144-0062
Working Temperature -40 ~ 65°C
Storage Temperature 13 -40 ~ 75°C
Thermal Resistance RTh 14 0.12 K/W
 Thermal Capacitance Cth 15 36750 J/K

Lifetime Characteristics

TYPE M22W-144-0062
DC Life at High Temperature 16 1500 hours
DC Life at RT 17 10 years
Cycle Life 18 1’000’000 cycles
Shelf Life 19 4 years

Saferty & Environmental Specifications

TYPE M22W-144-0062
Safety GB/T 36287-2018
Vibration GB/T 36287-2018
Degree of protection NA

Physical Parameters

TYPE M22W-144-0062
Mass M ≤35 kg
Terminals(leads)20 M8, 25-28N.m
Signal terminal 0.5mm2
Cooling mode /Natural cooling / air cooling
Dimensions 21  Length 434 mm
Width 606 mm
Height 156 mm
Module mounting hole position Drawer type installation

Monitoring/Battery Voltage Management

TYPE M22W-144-0062
Internal temperature sensor NTC(10K)NTC RTD (10K)
Temperature interface simulation
Battery voltage detection DC141.6~146.4V
Module overvoltage alarm signal, passive node signal, module alarm voltage: Dc141.6~146.4v
Battery voltage management Comparator passive equalization management

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