572V 62F energy storage system

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The GMCC ESS supercapacitor energy storage system can be used for backup power supply, grid stability, pulse power supply, special equipment, and improving the power quality of industrial applications or infrastructure. Energy storage systems typically use GMCC’s 19-inch 48V or 144V standardized supercapacitors through modular design, and the system’s operating parameters can be customized and developed according to customer needs


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·Single cabinet with multiple branches, large system redundancy, and high reliability
·The cabinet module adopts a drawer-type installation method, which is maintained before use and fixed at the rear limit. The module installation, disassembly, and maintenance are convenient
·The internal design of the cabinet is compact, and the copper bar connection between modules is simple
·The cabinet adopts a fan for front and rear heat dissipation, ensuring uniform heat dissipation and reducing the temperature rise during system operation
·The bottom channel steel is equipped with on-site construction and installation positioning holes as well as four-way forklift transportation holes for easy installation and transportation

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