240V 7F supercapacitor module

Short Description:

  • 240V DC output
  • 7.5F Capacitance
  • High cycle life of 1 million cycles
  • Passive balance management
  • Very high power density
  • Laser-weldable posts
  • Ecology

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Electrical Specifications

TYPE M22W-240-0007
Rated Voltage VR

240 V

Surge Voltage VS1

248 V

Rated Capacitance C 2

7.5 F

Capacitance Tolerance 3

-0% / +20 %

ESR2 67 mΩ
Leakage Current IL 4

<3 mA

Self-discharge Rate 5

<20 %

Cell specification

3V 600F

Maximum storage capacity of a single cell E 9 0.75 Wh
Module configuration 1 P 80 S
Constant Current IMCC(ΔT = 15°C)6 39 A
Max Current IMax7 0.6 kA
Short Current IS8 3.6 kA
Stored Energy E 9 60 Wh
Energy Density Ed 10 3 Wh/kg
Usable Power Density Pd11 5.2 kW/kg
Matched Impedance Power PdMax 12

10.8 kW/kg

Insulation withstand voltage class

4800V DC/min


Thermal Characteristics

TYPE M22W-240-0007
Working Temperature

-40 ~ 65°C

Storage Temperature13

-40 ~ 70°C

Thermal Resistance RTh14 0.15 K/W
Thermal Capacitance Cth15 24000 J/K


Lifetime Characteristics

TYPE M22W-240-0007
DC Life at High Temperature 16

1500 hours

DC Life at RT17

10 years

Cycle Life18

1’000’000 cycles

Shelf Life19

4 years

Saferty & Environmental Specifications

TYPE M22W-240-0007

DL∕T 2080-2020


DL∕T 2080-2020



Degree of protection



Monitoring / battery voltage management

TYPE M22W-240-0007
Internal temperature sensor


Temperature interface


Battery voltage detection

Module overvoltage alarm signal, passive node signal, module alarm voltage: Dc141.6~146.4v

Battery voltage management

Comparator passive equalization management


Physical Parameters

TYPE M22W-240-0007
Mass M

20 kg


M5torque 6-8N.m

Signal terminal

4pin terminal ,2pinOptical coupling output,2pinTemperature output

Cooling mode

Natural cooling

Dimensions21   Length×Width×Height

435×581.5×82.5 mm

Module mounting hole position

Drawer type installation


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