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Since it was founded in 2010, GMCC is mainly engaged in electrochemical, energy storage device active powder materials, dry electrodes, supercapacitors, and energy storage battery R&D and manufacturing. It can develop and manufacture the whole value product chain from active material – dry electrode – cell-module to system application solution, GMCC has full of experience, especially in the Automotive and Power Grid Energy Storage System field.


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  • 5000F Ultracapacitor Development and Technology

    Abstract GMCC has successfully developed an innovative 5000F ultracapacitor with higher energy density (>10 Wh/kg) in 60138 standard size, which can offer high power density, almost instant charging and discharging, high reliability, extreme temperature tolerance, and a service life of over 1,000,000 charge-discharge cycles simultaneously. The GMCC 5000F cell can greatly enhance the inertia support and the ability of primary frequency modulation for the power grid, ...

  • The advantages of supercapacitors vs lithium-ion batteries

    High Power Density Supercapacitors renowned for their high power density, which enables them to store and release energy extremely quickly. This makes them an ideal choice for applications that require rapid charging and discharging, such as electric vehicles (EVs) and grid-scale energy storage systems. such as supercapacitor that can be charged in a matter of seconds, making them a distinct advantage in areas such as start-stop systems, energy recovery, and high-pow...

  • Supercapacitor Module: Game-Changer for Sustainable Energy Storage

      The Promise of Supercapacitors for Sustainable Energy Management A landmark study recently published in the reputable science journal Nature has revealed the development of a new generation of Supercapacitor Module, potentially revolutionizing the energy storage industry. This groundbreaking technology is said to have been independently developed by a team of anonymous researchers and engineers, who have been working tirelessly for years to create a more effi...

  • What is the difference between ESS and UPS?

    Energy storage system (ESS), as the name suggests, is a system used to store energy, which can refer to the conversion of electrical energy in a power system into some form of device that can store the energy so that it can be converted back to electrical energy when needed. Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is an input power source that provides emergency power to the load when the main power supply of the electrical equipment fails, which is used to protect the eq...

  • The difference between supercapacitors and batteries

    Both ultracapacitors and batteries are energy storage components. But the supercapacitor energy storage process is a physical process, battery energy storage is a chemical reaction process, the two have an essential difference. The power characteristics of the supercapacitor are better than that of the battery, which can be charged and discharged quickly with large current. The energy density of the battery is higher than that of the supercapacitor, and the energy st...

  • Can supercapacitors be batteries

    What is a supercapacitor  Supercapacitors are divided into double electric layer capacitors and pseudocapacitors from the energy storage mechanism. It is a new type of energy storage device, which has the characteristics of high power density, short charging time, long service life, good temperature characteristics, energy saving and green environmental protection. Supercapacitors are versatile.   Can supercapacitors be batteries Supercapacitors can replace batteries...

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