Supercapacitor electrode GMCC-DE-61200-1250

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EDLC Electrode Tape

Solvent Free

High Purity and Inclusion-free

Excellent Vibration Resistance

Low Internal Resistance

Customizable Size

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GMCC’s proprietary free-standing electrode (FSE) technology mainly includes four steps: (a) dry powder mixing, (b) Pretreatment-modification/powder to particle, (c) powder to free-standing film (FSE) process and (d) laminated film onto a current collector to be free-standing electrode (FSE). Firstly, compared to SCE, FSE-based SC/LIB cells have higher anti-vibration stability (movement environmental) and higher safety due to their high adhesive strength between powder and powder, and also between Al/Cu foil and active layer in the presence of electrolyte at high temperatures. Secondly, FSE technology is environmentally friendly due to a solvent-free fashion in all processes. Moreover, FSE technology is low manufacturing cost, excellent strength, high purity, and so on. Further more, GMCC has adapted FSE technology to manufacture LIB electrodes with multifarious positive and negative materials and confirmed the feasibility of LIB FSEs

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  • GMCC has developed a truly revolutionary cutting-edge supercapacitor electrode technology – Freestanding Electrode (FSE) technology. This technology provides more stable and safer supercapacitor/lithium-ion battery (SC/LIB) batteries thanks to advanced features such as higher vibration stability and improved safety. The proprietary FSE technology consists of four distinct steps – dry powder blending, pretreatment-modification/powder-to-particle, powder-to-standalone film process, and lamination of the film onto the current collector to become a stand-alone electrode.

    The dry powder blending process involves mixing various materials into a homogeneous powder mixture using a high energy planetary ball mill. The mixture is then pre-treated with special modifications to improve particle size distribution and surface area, resulting in better bond strength and higher electrochemical performance. In the next step, the powder is transformed into a free-standing film by using a solvent-free, green (low energy consumption) casting process without any binders or additives.

    Finally, a free-standing thin film is laminated to the current collector to create a complete FSE, which has better overall performance in SC/LIB applications compared to other technologies such as SCE electrodes. The FSE-based SC/LIB cells exhibit high stability against vibration, which is attributed to the high bonding strength between powders and between Al. This promotes safer operation and reduces the risk of damage and failure.

    Supercapacitor Electrode GMCC-DE-61200-1250 is the latest and greatest example of this technology. The product has excellent electrochemical performance and stability. Its high specific capacitance, low ESR, and good rate capability make it ideal for various high-power applications such as renewable energy, electric vehicles, and grid stabilization. The ability to deliver high power for short periods of time, combined with improved storage capabilities, make it ideal for applications requiring a combination of high power and energy performance.

    GMCC’s FSE technology is the result of years of research and development. The company is constantly innovating and improving its products to meet the needs of its customers, and the supercapacitor electrode GMCC-DE-61200-1250 is a perfect example of this commitment. It offers cutting-edge technology, peak performance and high-quality manufacturing at an affordable price. The company prides itself on its exceptional quality and strives to exceed customer expectations by offering the best technology in the market today.

    In summary, GMCC’s proprietary FSE technology is a game changer for the supercapacitor/Li-ion battery industry. Supercapacitor Electrode GMCC-DE-61200-1250 is one of the best examples of this technology, offering high quality performance and maximum safety. Advanced FSE technology has the potential to revolutionize the industry and help usher in a new era of high-performance, safe and environmentally friendly energy storage solutions. Trust GMCC to deliver cutting-edge supercapacitor electrodes!

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