174V 10F supercapacitor module

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GMCC’s 174V 10F supercapacitor module is another reliable choice for wind turbine pitch systems, and can also be used in industrial applications such as small UPS systems and heavy machinery. It has higher storage energy, higher protection level, and meets stricter impact and vibration requirements

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Product Description

Application area Functional characteristics Main parameter
·Wind turbine pitch control
·small UPS systems
·Industrial applications
·Easy to install and maintain
·Resistive passive equalization
·Service life up to 10 years
·Voltage:174 V
·Capacity:10 F
·Storage energy:43.5 Wh
·Vibrate:IEC60068-2-6GB/T2423.10-2008NB/T 31018-2011
·Impact:IEC60068-2-28, 29GB/T2423.5-1995 NB/T 31018-2011

➢   174V DC output
➢   160V voltage
➢   10 F  Capacitance
➢   PCB insertion connection

➢   High cycle life of 1 million cycles
➢   Compact structure and light weight
➢   Resistance equalization, temperature output
➢   Based on 3V360F sealed welding cell

Electrical Specifications

TYPE M12S-174-0010
Rated Voltage VR 174 V
Surge Voltage VS1 179.8 V
Recommended operating voltage is V ≤160 V
Rated Capacitance C 2 10F
Capacitance Tolerance 3 -0% / +20 %
ESR2 ≤205 mΩ
Leakage Current IL 4 <25 mA
Self-discharge Rate 5 <20 %
Cell specification 3V 600F
E 9 Maximum storage capacity of a single cell 0.75Wh
Module configuration 1   58
Constant Current IMCC(ΔT = 15°C)6 23.33A
1-second maximum current IMax7 0.29 kA
Short Current IS8 0.8 kA
Stored Energy E 9 43.5 Wh
Energy Density Ed 10 2.7 Wh/kg
Usable Power Density Pd 11 1.6 kW/kg
Matched Impedance Power PdMax 12 3.4kW/kg
Insulation Resistance 500VDC,  ≥20MΩ
Insulation withstand voltage class 2500V DC/min,  ≤5.5mA

Thermal Characteristics

TYPE M12S-174-0010
Working Temperature -40 ~ 65°C
Storage Temperature 13 -40 ~ 70°C
Thermal Resistance RTh 14 0.26K/W
Thermal Capacitance Cth 15 16800 J/K

Lifetime Characteristics

TYPE M12S-174-0010
DC Life at High Temperature 16 1500 hours
DC Life at RT17 10 years
Cycle Life18 1’000’000 cycles
Shelf Life19 4 years

Saferty & Environmental Specifications

TYPE M12S-174-0010
Safety RoHS, REACH and UL810A
Vibration IEC60068 2 6;  GB/T2423 10 2008/NB/T 31018 2011
Impact IEC60068-2-28, 29;GB/T2423.5- 1995/NB/T 31018-2011
Degree of protection IP44

Physical Parameters

TYPE M12S-174-0010
Mass M 18.5±0.5 kg
Terminals(leads)20 0.5mm2-16 mm2; wall-type high current terminal UWV 10 / S-3073416
Power supply terminal mounting port Screscrew with pressure sheet, torque 1 5-1.8N.m
Cooling mode natural cooling
Dimensions21  Length 550mm
Width 110 mm
Height 260 mm
Module mounting hole position 4 x Φ9.5mm x 35mm

Monitoring/Battery Voltage Management

TYPE M12S-174-0010
Internal temperature sensor N/A
Temperature interface N/A
Battery voltage detection N/A
Battery voltage management Resistor equilibrium

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