Supercapacitor Power Grid Frequency Adjustment Application

The first supercapacitor micro-energy storage device for substation in China independently developed by State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd. was put into operation at 110 kV Huqiao Substation in Jiangbei New District, Nanjing. Up to now, the device has been running safely for more than three months, and the qualified rate of power supply voltage in Huqiao Substation has always been maintained at 100%, and the voltage flicker phenomenon has been fundamentally suppressed.

Supercapacitors have the advantages of fast charging and discharging speed, long cycle life and high safety. They are especially suitable for short-time large-capacity power demand scenes. The discharge rate is more than one hundred times that of lithium batteries.

As a power grid frequency modulation supercapacitor energy storage device is composed of thousands of supercapacitor monomers. Long-term service of the supercapacitor monomer's internal resistance, capacity, self-discharge and other performance is a great test of the consistency of the whole life cycle. The manufacturer of Huqiao supercapacitor is GMCC ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY WUXI LTD. To view the following link:

Post time: May-24-2023